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DOG TALES Activity Center Consent Form

Vaccinations or Titers:

All pets must have been given vaccinations or titers per AACC hospital standards.

• If your pet does not receive its vaccines at this facility, you must provide documentation that verifies current vaccinations.

• Dogs must be current on Rabies, Distemper and Parvo (Influenza and Leptospirosis are recommended but not required). We also require Bordetella be administered within the last 6 months because we operate in a social dog environment.

• Cats must be current on Rabies and FVRCP. Current equivalent titers will be acceptable in lieu of vaccinations.


To the best of my knowledge my pet is in good health and has not recently been exposed to any contagious illness. I agree to inform AACC if my pet is exposed to contagious diseases or show any signs of illness.

• Should a medical problem arise during my pet’s visit, I agree that AACC will make every effort to contact me to notify me of my pet’s status and give an estimate of treatment costs. Should the condition be deemed life threatening, of a contagious nature, or of a nature that will worsen without treatment, supportive treatment will be performed and the charges will be added to my account and I will assume full responsibility for the charges.

• In the unlikely and unfortunate situation of a pet passing away while in your care, you will maintain the remains on your premises until I can determine what my choice is for these remains (cremation, burial, etc.)

• I understand that AACC and DOGTALES could feed my pet their house diet (Royal Canin) or treats during their stay and I need to provide my own food or treats if I would prefer for this not to happen.


I will notify staff members of AACC to any behavioral/aggression issues.

• To ensure the safety of our staff and other participants, I understand that AACC reserves the right to refuse services at any time that might create a dangerous situation in your facility. I understand that AACC would appreciate being notified in advance of any behavioral concerns that I may have so they can handle them appropriately.

• Owner approves of the use of control devices, such as muzzles, gentle leaders, and citronella collars if the DOG TALES staff deems these devices necessary for the safety of the other dogs and staff.


AACC is committed to my pet’s safety while in their care.

• I understand that AACC acknowledges and follows all PACFA guidelines in regards to pet care while in lodging, daycare, grooming and the SPLASH pool.

• Crating and Tethering: I acknowledge that my pet may be crated upon arrival, during its stay, naptime, time outs or while waiting to go home at the end of the day.

• If in the grooming department, I understand that my pet will be tethered and or crated. I also understand that although ail precautions will be taken for my pets safety that occasionally problems arise such as minor injuries and physical stress.


• Dog owners- I acknowledge that my dogs will co-mingle with other dogs in a common room and outdoor play yard. Infectious and communicable diseases are one of the risks of a group of dogs interacting with each other as well as dog squabbles and minor injuries.

• During Day Care your dog will be supervised at all times. However due to the nature of dogs at play, you acknowledge and will not hold AACC, or its employees, responsible for injuries or Illnesses that may occur as a result of a dog participating in Day Care.

Splash Program:

If my pet participates in any Splash Program I agree that I have read and understand the rules and regulations as well as the risks associated with the pool and I will follow all pool rules. I will not hold AACC or Its employees liable for any injury or incident that occurs while attending any Splash Program and understand that there is no lifeguard on duty at the pool.

Pick Up Time:

I understand that all pets must be picked up during normal business hours and AACC Is unable to discharge pets after normal business hours. I understand that I can pre-arrange special pick up times from Lodging on Sundays and I will request this service while making my pets lodging reservation. I understand that lodging charges are by the night at that noon is the checkout time or an additional day will be charged.

Training Classes:

I understand that my dog needs to be kept under control during training classes at all times and I am responsible for my pet’s behavior. I understand that AACC reserves the right to dismiss a dog from a class if their behavior is disruptive to the group, including but not limited to aggressive behavior, excessive barking, destructive behaviors, etc.

The Client acknowledges that dog training may not provide exact results. The Client understands that dog training is not without risk to themselves, members of their family/household, guests, or their dog(s). The Client hereby agrees to hold Advanced Animal Care of Colorado or Canine Companion Consulting, agents and assigns free and harmless from any and all claims; or claims made by any member of any family or any other person accompanying them to any training session. The Client understands that their dog’s behavior now, and in the future is solely the responsibility of the Client(s). Should any behavior of the Client’s dog now or in the future result in damage to property or person of Client or some third party, the Client agrees to assume full liability for any and all such damage, and absolves Advanced Animal Care of Colorado and Canine Companion Consulting from any and all liability for obligations to pay for such damage, loss, and or expenses arising out of any injury to any person or to any person’s property by the dog(s) named in this contract.

Agility Training:

I agree and understand that AACC is not liable for any injury incurred by myself, my family or my pet while working/training/practicing on the agility equipment I am completely responsible for my pet’s behavior during these sessions and no employee or the company is responsible for what could happen to me or my pet.

Advanced Animal Care of Colorado reserves the right to use photographs or video footage taken during your pets stay. These Images may be used for marketing, promotional material, literature, books, programs, seminars, and any other business-related reasons. In consideration of Advanced Animal Care of Colorado allowing me to participate in its ancillary services including, (day care/grooming/Lodging/splash time/training) I waive all claims for damages, injury or loss to me and/or my pet/pets related or unrelated to other pets in this facility. I also waive any claims against AACCs employees. I have read and understand the terms and conditions set forth above.

By checking below you certify that you are the owner and or agent of the above animal and have the authorization to consent to treatment if and when it is needed. I understand the above consent form and that I am responsible for all fees incurred which are due at the time of service to Advanced Animal Care of Colorado.

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