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   Pet Diet & Nutrition Health     

Proper dietary choices and nutrition are the cornerstone of good health. Nutrition has historically been the most misunderstood and overlooked aspect of veterinary medicine. With a plethora of options regarding pet nutrition on the market, choosing an appropriate diet can be overwhelming for any owner. Unfortunately, many pet food companies only cater to the public's ideas of what are appealing choices as though the pets were human. This is a phenomenon known as anthropomorphism - meaning the attribution of human characteristics, personal choices, and beliefs are applied to our animal family members. Pet food marketing companies have done a great job at emphasizing emotion through anthropomorphism, even when these are unhealthy or unnecessary choices for your pet.

Dog and Cat Eating Out Same Bowl

Here at Advanced Animal Care of Colorado it is our responsibility to help you as a consumer make informed decisions on nutrition. We accomplish this by helping you understand what your individual pet needs are based on its breed, age, health, and concurrent environmental factors. We can help you understand how to read pet food labels in order to better understand your choices and keep your pets as happy and healthy as possible.

UC Davis Veterinary Medicine

If a home cooked diet is something you are interested in, at Advanced Animal Care we utilize the Nutrition Support Consulting Service via the University of California at Davis. Through this service we are able to tailor specific home-cooked diet choices that ensure balanced nutrition and safety based on the individual needs of your pet.

Royal Canin

For commercial diets, we believe very strongly in the Royal Canin brand of nutrition based on their reputation, focus on research and development, product testing at all stages of production from raw materials through the final product, palatability, continual improvement, and lack of recalls on their line of products. Royal Canin has consumer (over the counter) as well as veterinary specific diet choices and this makes for easy diet transitions based on changing pets throughout their lifetimes.

Proper nutrition is a fundamental aspect of preventable care. Feeding your pet an individually catered diet can prevent a multitude of conditions and avoid expensive medical treatments and procedures in the future. We would always prefer to treat a medical disorder with nutrition first, vs leaning on long term medications. Ideally, we would prefer to prevent medical problems first, which is what Royal Canin has focused on when formulating their diets.

More information about animal nutrition at: 

OSU, College of Veterinary Medicine

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